16 Juni 2008 - Bp. Eddy - Arthalink int.:
Pelayanan seperti ini yang diharapkan oleh customer; transparan, cepat, dan tepat. Terima kasih Raxamedia..

23 September 2009 - Ruddy Indieversion Ent.:
Saya puas dengan pelayanan Technical Supportnya Raxamedia. Setiap saya butuh bantuan pasti selalu direspon dengan cepat. Sejauh ini, sebagai pelanggan baru di Raxamedia saya amat puas.


Raxamedia Profile:

Raxamedia is a Networking System Integrator, dedicated to the business of building network infrastructure. With an in-depth understanding of networking, and by continuously evaluating and learning the newest technologies, we are designing, implementing and maintaining network for our customers. Our competent people will ensure that Raxamedia provides the best solution.


History :

With the trust and business given by our customers, we grow through and consistently keep on developing our certified and skillful engineering team, through the hardest condition of economic, monetary, security and political crisis of Indonesia
Raxamedia  started its operation in September 2004. With high spirit, good attitude and excellent skills, Raxamedia soon develops its customers’ trust, build its business fast and succeeded in developing international standard certified knowledge and skills. Raxamedia management is highly enthusiastic and committed to continuously developing and enhancing its attitude, skills and knowledge and its system for highly professional service delivery

Raxamedia Core Values:


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